A Dream Come True

Her childhood was difficult, because her parents separated when she was just 2. Her father went to Barranquilla, Colombia, leaving her mother very sick. Their economic situation wasn’t the best. Her mother would take her every morning with her to her friends’ house where she would help them do the chores. As payment, they would give them food. Later, she worked as a maid with the condition that they would let her be with her. That’s how she took care of her needs. Her maternal grandmother also supported them. They lived in a community without many opportunities and with problems with safety, violence and sanitation. What she remember with great admiration was the care and love that her mother always expressed to her, no matter what she was going through.
When she was 5, Children International came to the community. They enrolled her. She happily received all of the gifts. As with the medical and dental care, the medicines were always available. All of that made her feel better and more secure. This support and the love of her family helped make achieving her dreams easier. Seeing the sacrifices her mother made gave her the strength to keep moving forward and be able to change her life story. She always wanted to be a nurse, and Children International helped her to make that dream a reality.
Now her life is different. Although she have a daughter and she is a single mother, she can take care of her needs and help her mother. Her future goal is to continue on with becoming a professional in her career, to offer her daughter a good future, never forgetting to give her love. Her dream is to become a head nurse or teacher of young children.

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