Do's and Don'ts in Hospital Interviews: Preparation for Success


1Nurse webinars have been instrumental in helping aspiring nurses to get inspirational, motivational and professional guidance from experts. These webinars are also the first in the Philippines to provide online recruitment services where leading companies and hospitals get a platform to recruit great talents on the spot.

For those who had missed our last webinar on Friday, 11th August 2023, here are some excerpts and key takeaways! The session was led by Ms Julie Ann M. Endrinal, RN, an expert, an Experienced Healthcare Human Resource Professional.

She shared her deep insights on how to prepare for an interview with her presentation “Do's and Don'ts in Hospital Interviews”. Securing a coveted position in a hospital requires more than just a strong resume. There are strategies and techniques required along with in depth preparation to shine in the interview process and prove that you fit best for the role you are applying for!

Key traits that you will be judged upon:

Personal Characteristics - Having proper grooming, good manners.
Self- Expression - Confidence in expressing your ideas or difficulty of expressing yourself. 
Maturity - Making value judgements or decisions, for example how you handle stress at your workplace. The interviewer will assess how you manage work-life balance.
Personality - Interviewers will  assess what you are like, e.g., outgoing, shy, overbearing or quiet.
Experience - Apart from the information you put in the Resume, Academic Achievement and work/Job Skills.
Enthusiasm and Interest - Your specific interest in applying to the company and for the particular job/role.
Career Goals - What do you want to do in your personal life? An example question of this is “How do you see yourself 5 years from now?”

Things to Make Sure During Your Interview Preparation

Be aware of the time and date of the interview.  Always plan to arrive early. To ensure a hassle-free and timely journey to the venue, ensure that you prepare for your travel arrangements on the best route to take, mode of transportation, and probable disruptions to road/rail services. Find out if accommodations are provided in case you would have a need for it.

What To Bring During the Interview

Always carry extra copies of your CV/Resume and/or application form along with your own ball pens and a small notepad. Make a note of key points you want to make and any questions you want to ask to the interviewer during the interview. Always carry copies of your documents (TOR,  diploma, licence etc.) since an interviewer will assess your grades as well. Do not forget to bring along extra money for a taxi in case you are running late.

Do's In Hospital Interviews

Do thorough research on the hospital you are applying to. Prepare and practise common interview questions. Dress appropriately for the role you are applying for and always be honest. Explain how you can be an asset to the hospital.

Don'ts In Hospital Interviews

Don’t be late. Don't say anything negative about your previous employers. Don't forget to bring copies of your resume.

Key tips for a successful interview:

Always be on time. Try to know the interviewer’s name, pronunciation and spelling so that you can address him/her the correct way and always greet the interviewer with a firm handshake and a smile. Listen very carefully and clarify if you have any questions or doubts. If you are nervous, do not be embarrassed and take your time to answer the questions. You may be asked personal questions, so ensure you tell the truth at all times. Wait for the interviewer to mention salary and benefits and do not expect a job offer at your first interview as many companies have multiple rounds of interviews. In the end, always close on a positive and enthusiastic note and follow up in time with a thank you note.

Proven Strategies for Acing Hospital Job Interview

Research Research Research - learn the company's vision, mission, and services 
Master the Art of Self-presentation - First impressions matter when it comes to job interviews. Just professionally come on time and don't forget to bring your confidence, maintain good eye contact and positive body language, don’t forget to smile and be yourself. You must present yourself as a professional who is genuinely Interested in the role of the hospital
Prepare and Practice Common Interview Questions - These are the frequently asked questions during the interview. They may be about your strengths and weaknesses, your previous work experience/s, why you are interested in the role, fundamentals of nursing, do you have any preferred area to be assigned etc.
Showcase your achievements - Showcase both academic as well as job achievements.

Interview skills are essential for making a positive impression, effectively communicating your value, and securing job opportunities that align with your goals. We trust that this blog post has given you valuable insights from our recent webinar on Do's and Don'ts in Hospital Interviews.  

By honing these skills, you increase your chances of success in your job search and career progression. Stay tuned for our next webinar! 

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