How Nurses Can Enjoy The Holidays Even At Work


The holidays are fast approaching. Given how understaffed many hospitals are right now, you're more likely to be working during the holidays. Whatever your feelings are about working during the festivities this year, hope that these tips will make working through the holidays a little brighter.

Make preparations ahead of time.

Nurses should anticipate working at least half of the major holidays at their hospital. Let your loved ones know as soon as possible about your holiday work schedule. Plan your holiday celebrations on your off days if at all possible. You'll still be able to make memories while also keeping up with your professional duties.

Decorate your workplace to make it feel more festive for the holidays.

Putting up the Christmas decorations is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the holiday. Let's face it: when the entire area is decked up in lights, tinsel, Christmas socks and hats, and, of course, a Christmas tree, it's difficult not to feel a little festive.

Even if they have to spend the holidays in a hospital or clinic, a little bit of decoration here and there can make your coworkers and patients feel excited about the holidays. Christmas decorations are an excellent place to start if you want to inspire Christmas pleasure at work.

Organize an awards ceremony

Because Christmas is a time for joy and gratitude, why not arrange an awards ceremony for your coworkers? Even if your coworkers must report to work during a time when the rest of the staff is on vacation, thanking them for their hard work and devotion will make them feel valued and appreciated by the hospital.

Christmas Games to Play

Christmas-themed games will undoubtedly entice everyone to participate. Don't forget to provide a prize to the winning team and consolation prizes to the others. Other enjoyable games include What's in the Stocking?, Christmas Scavenger Hunt, Pass the Present, Blind Christmas Tree, and Wrap Race.

Consider your patients.

Think about this, even if you are working on a holiday, you get to clock out and go home at some point. Your patients, on the other hand, may spend the entire holiday season in a hospital or nursing home. Keep that in mind. This is also not easy for them. When talking with patients, always keep a positive attitude. Check to see if the rooms can be decorated. If possible, call their loved ones to cheer them up.

Share Holiday Dinner With Your Colleagues

What is Christmas without a plethora of treats to share? There are numerous methods to have a good time with Christmas feasts or office snacks. You may, for example, advise that each employee bring his or her favorite cuisine, which is usually homemade, to work one day. Christmas feasts are a great way to make work more enjoyable. 

Christmas at work doesn’t have to be a bore. It is a time to be merry and be grateful. Appreciate the organizer and your supervisor for putting on a great holiday party, whether it's during the party or afterward. Someone will have planned the food, drinks, locations, and celebrations, so letting them know they've put on a fantastic evening for everyone will go a long way.

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