How To Deal With Difficult And Hostile Work Environment


Are you working in a difficult and hostile work environment? A hostile work environment is one in which team members engage in intimidating, offensive, aggressive undermining behavior that interferes with your capacity to execute your job without becoming distressed. Here’s what you should do if you are in this kind of work setup.

Keep your cool

Losing your temper and yelling at your co-worker isn't the most effective technique to get them to work with you. It's critical to maintain your composure and remain calm. When the person you're dealing with notices that you're calm no matter what he or she is doing, you'll begin to gain their attention. Remember that calmness is associated with being in command and respect.

Respect your superiors and coworkers.

In a respectful environment, workplace stress is lessened. It aids in the enhancement of communication and teamwork. Respect contributes to the development of a positive culture, which boosts employee satisfaction by making them feel pleased and motivated while at work.

Learn to actively listen

Effective communication takes more than just taking turns talking. It also necessitates a committed effort toward mutual understanding. Active listening aids in understanding and respecting the feelings and thoughts of others. This not only aids in the resolution of disagreements. It also helps in the development of a respectful culture. Try your best to comprehend the viewpoints of others.

Attack the issue, not the individual. 

To resolve conflicts, it is important to figure out what the issue is and come up with solutions. See the situation from the other person's perspective rather than attacking them. If you have any doubts regarding their actions, question them or repeat what you believe you heard. Respect others, don't interrupt, and don't use defamatory language.

Establish a connection.

Work can become a mechanical process with all the computers, emails, and messaging systems. Connect with your coworkers on a personal level to reintroduce the human touch. Go out to lunch or supper with them. Get to know them as individuals rather than coworkers. Active listening aids in understanding and respecting the feelings and thoughts of others. Strong ties should be fostered. These will help you a lot with your task.

At work, maintain a neutral attitude.

Keep your ideas to yourself if other coworkers are discussing another person behind their back. You can maintain a positive work environment by remaining neutral. If you really must discuss this person, do so with a non-work-related friend or family member. At work, save your energy for discussing positive aspects of people.

Resolve the situation by escalating it to a higher authority.

When all else fails, go straight to your superiors. This is considered the trump card and should only be used when all other options have been exhausted. Make sure you don't use this option all the time because you don't want your superiors to think you can't handle your own difficulties. 

Conflict is an inevitable result of people working together. To establish a culture of safety, it is important that all members of the healthcare team communicate respectfully. Maintaining open, honest communication and being proactive in extending assistance to all members of the healthcare team will help to keep a healthy workplace and avoid a hostile work environment.

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