The Top 5 Reasons Nurses Want To Live And Work In The Netherlands


Do you want to advance your career as a registered nurse in the Netherlands? The population of this country is gradually aging. There is a sizable expat community here, and nurses are in high demand. It's also at the heart of Europe, making travel from other countries a breeze. As a result, working as a nurse in this beautiful country is a fascinating experience. Here are other reasons you should consider living and working as a nurse in the Netherlands.


The typical pay for a registered nurse working in a hospital in the Netherlands is from 2600 euros to 3700 euros per month, which may be a motivating reason for some nurses to relocate to this country. However, this is dependent on a variety of factors such as years of experience and skill. However, in order to work as a registered nurse in the Netherlands, you must first receive your Dutch nurse registration.

Career Opportunities

The Dutch economy is one of the most stable in the EU, as well as one of the richest. Although the Netherlands is small, it is rich in new work prospects. Nurses working in the Netherlands can advance their careers by joining one of the country's many prestigious hospitals and clinics. One of the biggest reasons to work in the Netherlands is the strong economy, which offers a diverse range of job and career prospects.


The Dutch are recognized for their friendliness, warmth, and openness. In the Netherlands, only parents and children share a home. They don't live with their extended families like their grandparents, aunts, or uncles. Tolerance is also important to the country's unique sense of balance. Another reason foreigners can feel at comfortable in the Netherlands is that the Dutch are hospitable to people of different races and cultures.

Expected Life Expectancy

The high quality of life in the Netherlands is one of the most compelling reasons to work there. The country boasts one of the greatest life expectancies in the world. According to the United Nations' World Happiness Report, the Netherlands is the eighth happiest country on the planet.

The quality of the air and water, as well as wealth, employment, and education, is far superior to that of many other European countries. The Dutch spend only 19 percent of their gross adjusted disposable income on housing, allowing them to save more, pursue projects and life objectives, and create a more enjoyable and comfortable life.

Many Places to Visit

The Netherlands is a fantastic place to visit. The benefit of relocating to the Netherlands is that its central location facilitates travel within the European Union. The city has world-class museums, historical landmarks, a plethora of beautiful canals, and a thriving nightlife. It's a pretty cool city, therefore it's no surprise that it's one of the world's most visited cities!

Aside from the classic tulip fields and well-known neighborhoods in Amsterdam, the Netherlands appeals to international visitors because it provides independence and is a small country with many hidden gems to explore. Similarly, the Dutch are a pleasant people.

Although many Dutch speak English fluently, it is necessary to have a decent command of the Dutch language. At least B1 level, if you are to work as a healthcare professional in the Netherlands. Many language schools, on the other hand, can provide rigorous 3-month Dutch language courses.

Nurses must go through the BIG register, the Dutch nurse registration, in order to work in the healthcare industry. The Individual Healthcare Professions Act (BIG Act) of the Netherlands inspired the BIG registry.

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