Top 7 Reasons To Work In Finland As A Nurse


Finland is known for its stunning natural beauty as well as having the cleanest air in the world. Outdoor activities are popular among people. As a result, Finnish workplaces provide a healthy balance, allowing employees to truly care for their well-being! If you are interested to practice your nursing profession in this beautiful country, you should start your application now. Here are the top reasons you should be a nurse in Finland.

Nurses are in high demand.

Nursing is a career in high demand in Finland, owing to a persistent need for nurses and, in particular, the current situation at geriatric homes around the country.

Nurses are well compensated.

In Finland, the average gross compensation for a registered nurse is 59 353 € or 29 € per hour. They also receive an average bonus of 973 Euros. Salary estimates are based on salary survey data from anonymous employees and employers in Finland. The average income for an entry-level registered nurse (with 1-3 years of experience) is 42 010 Euros. A senior-level registered nurse (8+ years of experience), on the other hand, gets an average income of 73 352 €.

The world's happiest country.

According to the World Happiness Report, Finland is the happiest country on the planet. Even though happiness is subjective, there are some factors that have contributed to Finland's four-year reign: minimal social gaps in income and wealth, free education, the country's safety, basic human rights and freedom, and equality.

Life satisfaction

Finland is regarded as the third-best country in terms of living standards. This indicates that essential human necessities and well-being foundations, such as health care, sanitation, housing, and education, are of good quality. Freedom is also important to us, as is free expression and personal liberties.

Enjoy nature

Finland's four-season environment allows you to enjoy both snowy and magnificent winter nights and the never-ending sunshine and warmth of Midsummer. From the southern extremity of the country's archipelago to the fells of Lapland, with 168 000 pure lakes and pristine woods in between, you are free to travel and appreciate diverse nature.

Finland places a strong emphasis on workplace equality and cooperation. In comparison to other countries, Finland ranks quite high in terms of employee safety, low hierarchy, and autonomy. Finland is also an excellent destination to upgrade one's skills and obtain additional education.

Friendly culture

The country's social views and friendly culture are next on the list of reasons to work in Finland. Finland is the 9th most tolerant nation in the world in terms of freedom of expression and religion, as well as access to legal rights, according to The Legatum Prosperity Index. Finland was ranked first in the UN's companion report this year, which ranked 117 nations based on the satisfaction of their immigrant and expat populations.

Living in a Secure Environment

Finland was ranked the safest country in the world in the World Economic Forum's 2017 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, and it has one of the lowest rates of organized crime in the world. The Finnish have the highest level of trust in their police in Europe, and the country also ranks highly in other safety-related categories, such as having the safest banks and being the world's most stable country.

Everyone values work-life balance, leisure time is highly valued, and workplace hierarchies are modest, implying that everyone is equally valued. As a result, working in Finland is rewarding and a good opportunity for nurses.

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