How To Pass The Singapore Nursing Board Exam


Licensure Examinations are required as part of the application process for Singapore Nursing Board registration. The SNB Registered Nurse (RN), Enrolled Nurse (EN), or Registered Midwife (RMW) Licensure Examinations are needed for foreign-trained nurses and midwives. The exam is intended to assess their ability to practice nursing and midwifery in Singapore. 

You must arrive at the examination location at least half an hour before the exam begins. If you arrive late, you may not be allowed into the examination room, and you will need to submit a fresh registration/enrolment application. If you want to take the Nursing board test in Singapore and become a registered nurse, here are some recommendations to help you pass.

Time Management is Essential

Failure can occur if you do not manage your time properly. It's critical to set realistic expectations for how much time you'll need to devote to studying. Some people are unable to devote sufficient time to studying owing to full-time work, family duties, or other obligations.

Review the Rationales

It's critical to read the rationales for each practice question. Even if you answer a practice question correctly, you should read the rationale. It's critical to comprehend why the other three options were not the finest options. You will be better prepared to pass the SNB Exam if you read all of the rationales.

Take Practice Tests

If you want to start a nursing career, you'll probably need to take and pass several qualifying examinations. These types of certification tests are offered by the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) to ensure that only the most competent healthcare professionals work with patients. Make sure to take a free SNB practice test before your exam. The scores can show you how you'd do on the test if it were given today. You'll also learn about any content area weaknesses you didn't realize you have. Practice exams are one of the most effective ways to learn, so start using them right away! 

Mnemonics are useful.

Mnemonics are a very useful strategy that many nurses utilize to help them remember information. ADPIE (assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation) is an example of a mnemonic that is widely used to remember the nursing care plan. MOAN (morphine, oxygen, aspirin, and nitrates) is another mnemonic for remembering treatment for someone who has had a heart attack.

Maintain a healthy diet.

Another important factor in passing the SNB exam is eating a well-balanced diet. This involves consuming fruits, vegetables, lean meats, seafood, and whole grains in your diet. While it is vital to consume certain foods on a regular basis, it is also OK to indulge once in a while. Eating healthily helps you control your blood sugar levels, which leads to more energy and attention.

Each SNB test is given a score between 0 and 100. To pass the exam, you'll need a score of 72 or better, regardless of the exam you sign up for. With the correct SNB exam prep plan, achieving this goal is simple.

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