An Overview Of Dermatology Nursing in Singapore


Dermatology nursing in Singapore began in the former Middle Road Hospital in the early 1970s, according to the Singapore Nurses Association. After Middle Road Hospital closed, the original staff of dermatology nurses is still employed at National Skin Centre. Dermatology nursing has developed over time into a variety of subspecialties like aesthetics, immunology, and venereology. This article discusses what a dermatology nurse in Singapore is like, their duties and expertise, and the steps you can take to become one.

Becoming A Dermatology Nurse In Singapore

An authorized nursing school should provide the nurse with a 4-year degree in nursing. The Singapore Nursing Board test, which is a requirement for professional qualifications, must next be passed by the candidate.

Job Description

Several different skin ailments and diseases are treated and cared for by dermatology nurses. Dermatology nurses treat patients with psoriasis, skin cancer, burn wounds, acne, and many other skin disorders in a variety of venues, including hospitals, dermatology clinics, and plastic surgeons' offices. In addition to administering procedures like laser treatments and chemical peels, dermatology nurses may also specialize in aesthetic dermatology.

Where Do Nurses in Dermatology Work?

Dermatology nurses can work in a variety of clinical settings like hospitals with burn units, private clinics, practices in dermatology, and offices of plastic surgeons. Since there aren't as many dermatology crises in private offices, working as an outpatient dermatology nurse can be less demanding than most other nursing positions.

Depending on where they work, dermatology nurses work a variety of shifts. Nurses in hospital inpatient burn units, for instance, can work day, evening, or night shifts, but office and outpatient nurses typically work during the day. They might have to work on the weekends and on holidays, but they usually make more money.

Roles And Responsibilities

A dermatology nurse specializes in the diagnosis, management, and care of skin illnesses, diseases, injuries, and infections affecting the dermis and epidermis. Dermatology nurses must be knowledgeable about all elements of treatment, including skin cancer surgery and recovery, plastic surgery procedures and recovery, as well as other skin conditions, such UV damage.

Additionally, dermatology nurses have experience with plastic surgery, topical medications, and skin cancer surgery. Dermatology nurses are essential to maintaining the health of the body's largest organ, the skin. Patients receive care and training from dermatology-trained nurses. They aid medical professionals in administering treatments in clinics, outpatient settings, and inpatient facilities. Nurses that specialize in dermatology offer excellent patient care, nursing assistance, and detailed instruction.

Important Skills Of Aesthetic Nurses

A dermatology nurse is knowledgeable about treating patients with dermatological disorders and skin conditions. To guarantee thorough client education, a quick recovery, and few complications, the dermatology nurse collaborates closely with the patient, their family, and the dermatology team. The operations handled by the dermatology nurse range from cosmetic to skin malignancy. Along with major acne treatments, skin cancer prevention, and burn patient care, these nurses spend time teaching their patients.

Dermatology nurses play a critical function in maintaining and caring for the biggest organ in the body. Dermatology nurses assist doctors during office operations, supervise outpatient procedures, and inform and educate patients on how to take care of their skin.

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