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Do you want to work as a nurse in the United States? The National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX, is a test that all aspiring nurses must pass before they can work in the field. You must go through a multi-step process to register for this exam.

Registration Procedures

Submit an application for licensure to the nursing board in the state or territory where you want to practice. The requirements set by the different state boards vary. You need to contact the Board of Nursing of the state you're planning to apply.

Pearson VUE is one of the most trusted computer-based testing today. By phone or online, you can register for the NCLEX exam.

  • Register Online: (Click this link to register through Pearson Due online)

  • Register Through Phone: 1-866-496-2539 (1-866-49-NCLEX)

Here are things you need to know about when registering for the NCLEX exam.

  • The name you choose to register must exactly match the name listed on the identification you're using present at the testing facility

  • If you submit an e-mail address while enrolling for the NCLEX exam, all subsequent communications will be sent to that address.

  • Pearson VUE contact will only be sent via e-mail if you do not provide an e-mail address, all correspondence will be sent through the United States Postal Service.

  • All registrations will be open for a total of 365 days, during which time a board of examinations will be established.

  • Your eligibility to take the NCLEX exam may be determined by your nursing experience.

  • For any reason, the $200 registration fee is non-refundable.

Pearson VUE will send you an email confirming your registration. Obtain eligibility from the state nursing board where you apply for licensure.

Authorization To Test (ATT)

You will receive an Authorization to Test from Pearson VUE (ATT). If it's been more than two weeks since you registered for the NCLEX exam and you haven't heard anything or if you've gotten a confirmation from Pearson VUE but have yet to receive an ATT, it is important to contact them. You must test during your ATT's validity period. There is no way to prolong the validity of these dates regardless of the circumstances 

On Exam Day, What Should You Bring

On the day of the exam, bring one form of approved identification and your ATT. Test takers in the United States, American Samoa, Guam, and the Pacific Islands, are the only valid forms of identification.

  • A valid driver's license issued in the United States (not a temporary or learner's permit)

  • Identification from a state in the United States

  • A valid passport

However, for those who are taking the exam in other countries outside US territories, the only acceptable identification is the passport. It must be written in English, contain an English signature, be current (not expired), and have an image. Candidates who present identification from a nation on the United States' embargoed countries list will not be allowed to take the test.

Without a suitable identity and your ATT, you will not be accepted to the examination. If you show up, You forfeit your test session and must re-register if you do not have these items; this includes re-payment of the fee. the registration fee of $200

Changed Your Name? Don’t Forget These.

The printed name on your ID and the printed name on your ATT must match exactly. If the name on your registration differs from the name on your identity, you will be asked to provide additional information.

On the day of your test, you must present legal proof proving your name change. Marriage licenses, divorce decrees, and/or court action legal name change documents are the only types of legal documentation that are admissible. All documents must be written in English and must be the latest version.

How long does it take to get results after taking the NCLEX?

The test is first graded at the testing location. This is accomplished through the use of computer software. The people in charge of testing at test centers don't have access to test scores or can't give test takers any information about their grades.

Exams are completed and forwarded to Pearson VUE, where they are checked to guarantee that the test scores are correct. The scores are then sent to each test-respective taker's Board of Nursing/Regulatory Body (BON/RN) through Pearson VUE. The BON/RN then provides test results to participants. Your test results are not accessible to any other organization or regulatory authority.

Congratulations on taking a step closer to your dream job! Now that you know how to register for the NCLEX, it's time to start studying for the exam. Review resources are easily accessible both online and at local bookstores. Make the most of your time and study diligently.

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