NCLEX Application and Registration - Things You Need To Know About


Are you ready to start your new career as a Registered Nurse in the United States? The National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses is something you'll need to study for. The NCLEX exam is required to obtain a nursing license in any state in the United States. If you've been working toward becoming a registered nurse in the United States, you'll need to have your NCLEX Application in order.

Choose The State Where You Want To Practice Nursing
The state board you select to take the NCLEX exam isn't always the state where you'll end up working. Your job assignment will most likely be determined by which facility chooses you. Whatever U.S. license you earn, you must apply for endorsement of your license in the state to which you are assigned.

Registration for the Credential Evaluation Service
If your state board requires a Credential Evaluation Service (CES), it is strongly advised that you use CGFNS rather than other credentialing services; this will make it easier for you to apply for U.S. citizenship. VisaScreen. 

The Cost Of Taking The NCLEX-RN Exam
It costs $200 to take the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN exam. You will be charged an extra $50 if you decide to change the exam type (RN/PN) after registering. Individual State Boards of Nursing establish additional licensure fees.

Follow these steps to submit a CES to a state board of nursing:

  • Obtain a username, password, and CGFNS number by completing the registration process at www.cgfns.org. 
  • Place an order for a Credentials Evaluation Service Professional Report once you have your CGFNS account information. 
  • When you order the report, make sure that the recipient is the nursing state board where you plan to take the exam.

Pearson VUE Registration
State boards of nursing recommend that you register and pay for the NCLEX exam on Pearson VUE before submitting your application to the state board of nursing. Failure to do so will cause your Authorization to Test to be delayed (ATT).

Follow these steps to register to Pearson Vue:

‍1. Visit www.pearsonvue.com/nclex to register with Pearson VUE.

‍2. Your Pearson VUE registration must be valid for at least 365 days.

‍3. Wait for your Pearson VUE NCLEX ATT.

4. Once you have your ATT, you must schedule your NCLEX exam before it expires. The validity period for an ATT varies by the state board of nursing, so make sure you understand how the rules of the state board of nursing where you apply for work before you apply. If you do not complete the exam within the allowed time, your ATT will expire.

5. ‍You must schedule your NCLEX examination before it expires once you obtain your ATT. The validity term for an ATT differs by the state board of nursing, so make sure you know how the requirements of the state board of nursing where you apply for work. Your ATT will expire if you do not take the exam within the allotted time frame.

‍6. The time it takes to acquire your ATT varies depending on the state board. Contact the state board through which you applied if you have not received your ATT within three weeks.

‍7. You should continue to study for the NCLEX while you wait for your ATT. You can also take NCLEX prep classes in a review center close to your house.

8. By contacting Pearson VUE NCLEX Candidate Services online or over the phone, you can plan an NCLEX exam appointment at an international test center near you.

‍9. Follow both Pearson VUE and the board of nursing's requirements.

Apply to a State Board of Nursing

1. Before applying to any state board of nursing, make sure you register with Pearson VUE.

‍2. Foreign applicants need to apply through one of the four-state boards listed below: Northern Mariana Island (a United States commonwealth), Illinois, Texas, or New Mexico. Their criteria are less stringent, and you won't need your Social Security number to get your license.

‍3. Apply for licensure to one of the four-state boards of nursing that we recommend.

‍4. To take the NCLEX exam, you must meet all of the qualifying standards of your chosen board of nursing.

‍5. Follow the state board's guidelines; if necessary, email the board.

‍6. Pay the application fee and submit forms to the state board.

7. You will receive a card from your state board saying that all of your information has been received after you have registered for the NCLEX.

You can begin studying for the exam after you've finished your registration. Make sure you study hard and stay focused on your goal. You’re one way closer to your dream career in the US. Goodluck.


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