Top 5 Nursing Career In Demand In Australia


In Australia, there is an urgent demand for more nursing and healthcare workers that are highly skilled and can apply their knowledge to a variety of health conditions and situations. Current and future nurses can benefit greatly from ensuring that they have these abilities to carve out fulfilling careers and increase their earning potential. 

According to Deloitte Access Economics, a nurse with postgraduate qualifications can expect to earn around AU$111,235 in 2021-2022. The list below includes the most in-demand nursing jobs in Australia right now. What matters is that you pick a career that reflects your interests and corresponds to your desired level of schooling.

Nursing Care for the Elderly

Nursing shortages currently exist in the aged care market, and demand will only expand as the population ages. Official researchers in Australia project that by 2057, the number of Australians aged 65 and up will have more than doubled.

The primary responsibility of an aged care nurse is to provide care to the elderly. Nursing homes, residential institutions, hospitals, and home care agencies are all common places for aged care nurses to work. A full-time elder care worker can expect to earn between $801.40 and $973.40 weekly, according to the latest Fair Work Ombudsman pay report. 

Nursing in Mental Health

According to Health Workforce Australia's estimates, this is the industry that is most likely to have severe workforce shortages in the future. Mental health nurses aid in the promotion and support of a person's recovery, allowing them to be more involved and in control of their situation. They usually help patients who are dealing with mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, personality and eating disorders, or drug or alcohol addiction. 

In Australia, the average mental health nurse income is $97,235 per year or $49.86 per hour. Starting salaries for entry-level employment start at $78,964 per year, with the highest-paid professionals earning up to $118,839 per year.

Nursing in a Critical Care Setting

These nurses are in high demand because emergency circumstances are widespread, and hospitals and medical facilities will always require some type of critical care assistance. Critical care nurses do several responsibilities, which are mostly determined by the patient group with whom they work.

In Australia, the average ICU nurse income is $82,049 per year or $42.08 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level positions is $77,154 per year, with most experienced individuals earning up to $120,510 per year.

Nurses who work in the forensic field

Forensic nursing is best suited for those who want to combine their passion for medicine with their interest in the criminal justice system. Nurses with a passion for public policy and research may find this to be a fascinating career option.

In Australia, the average forensic nurse income is $104,803 per year or $53.75 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $79,935 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $128,863 per year.

Nurses who work with newborns

NICU nursing is not only a high-demand profession but also a gratifying career choice for prospective nurses who enjoy caring for infants to improve their health and get them home.

The average salary of neonatal nurses in Australia is $43 per hour or $83,263 per year. Salary at entry-level positions begins around $60,000 while highly experienced neonatal nurses earn up to $121,000. The salary rate may vary depending on the state or territory you work in.

The nursing profession has a bright future ahead of it. To effectively serve the aging and changing population and best utilize new technologies as they become available, practitioners must remain adaptive and open to change. During the global pandemic, nurses demonstrated their ability to adapt to rapid change and quickly adopt new ways of functioning. Nurses will be able to make a difference as they adjust to increasing global healthcare demand by channeling their enthusiasm into a postgraduate degree.


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