Top Tips for Foreign Nurses Who Wish To Practice In The USA


There are a variety of career opportunities for registered nurses including employment in the United States. Many have had excellent experiences. Yet, some have become victims of unethical recruiting techniques. If you're like many nurses who want to work and reside in the United States, here are some helpful tips.

Ready Your Credentials And Qualifications

If you are a Registered Nurse in your home country, you are eligible to work in the United States. To see if you're qualified, contact the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS). When you've decided where you want to work in the United States, you can apply to that state's Board of Nursing and take the NCLEX-RN exam. This is a standardized test that will allow you to become a Registered Nurse. An English language competence test may be included.

Obtain A VisaScreen Certificate

Holding a CGFNS VisaScreen Certificate is a compulsory or mandatory component in the immigration process. Every visa petition submitted on your behalf must include the Certificate. You will receive an official ICHP Certificate for the VisaScreen after you’ve submitted all the necessary requirements. To work as a Registered Nurse in the United States, you must pass a federal background check.

Get to Know Your Employer

Some healthcare organizations in the United States hire nurses directly. While others, contact third-party recruiters. Placement or staffing agencies are two types of recruiters. If you are employed by a staffing agency, they will be your employer, not the healthcare institution. Working directly with hospitals and other healthcare institutions is frequently more secure for nurses. However, they may be perplexed as to who their employer would be; unethical recruiters may even try to deceive them.

Know If Recruiters Is Legit

Fake job postings for healthcare professionals have exploded across the Internet. Fake jobs and frauds are also commonly distributed via email. If you've never heard of the person or company who is sending you a job offer, a fast Google search should reveal whether or not they are legitimate. If they work in recruitment, they should have a LinkedIn page at the very least. It should have a credible website if it is a corporation or employment board. If it doesn't, it's almost certainly a forgery.

Know Your Contract Breach Fee

Breaking a contract impacts not only you but also the agency. Although breaching a contract does not always mean you have burned a bridge, it can result in major hospital systems and vendors placing a nurse on a "watch" list. This has a negative impact on your future work prospects. You may also face repercussions if you breach your contract. The facility/agency may charge cancellation fees, which might be rather costly.

Know And Exercise Your Right

Nurses have the freedom to speak up for themselves and their patients freely and without fear of persecution. Nurses have a right to be fairly compensated for their labor, based on their education, experience, and professional obligations. You have rights as a U.S. worker even if you are not a citizen of the United States. If you sign something and it contains illegal provisions, they will not be enforced.

The healthcare industry in the United States is rapidly increasing, resulting in an immediate need for medical experts. For a variety of reasons, including the advancement of new technologies, an aging population, and the retirement of current nurses, registered nurses (RNs) are in great demand. Hope that the tips mentioned can assist you in achieving your goal of becoming a registered nurse in the United States.

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