Things Nurses Need To Know About Visa Sponsorship


Do you want to work as a nurse in the United States? Do you need a job sponsor for your US visa? You can't apply for a non-immigrant (temporary) visa to work in the United States unless you have a job offer. You'll be able to start your application when someone is ready to act as your petitioner during the application process. Finding a job, however, is difficult when you don't have legal status in the United States.

The EB-3 Visa

For US RN sponsorship, the Employment-Based (EB) or Green Card Visa is the best option. Once you have met all the conditions set forth by US Immigration, the company that will sponsor you will begin the application procedure.

The EB Visa is for "skilled workers or professionals" with a bachelor's degree in nursing from the United States or a foreign equivalent. To acquire the CGFNS Visa Screen Certificate, you must meet all conditions. Your schooling, nursing license, NCLEX-RN exam results, and English proficiency exam will all need to be reviewed. You must have a US CGFNS Visa Screen Certificate to meet US Immigration standards and be sponsored on an EB Visa.

The H1-B Visa

The H1-B Visa is a nonimmigrant visa. It allows U.S. firms to hire foreign nationals in specialty occupations for a set amount of time. The Immigration and Nationality Act requires people seeking work from outside the United States to hold an H1-B Visa.

A petition will only be granted if the position is designated a specialized occupation, according to the eligibility conditions. In reality, this implies that nurses must have a bachelor's degree or above to be eligible. In most cases, this means that general RN or LPN occupations will not qualify for an H-1B visa.

Finding the Right Employer To Sponsor Your Visa

Even when unemployment in the United States is high, certain firms are unable to find the people they require. Whether due to geography, specific job skills, or other factors. Such employers may be willing to assist a foreign national in obtaining an immigrant or non-immigrant visa to work in the United States.

Look for companies that are recruiting a huge number of people or that have been posting the same job for months in the classified ads and on job posting websites. Those employers may be desperate and eager to go through the immigration procedure (which may be lengthy, complicated, and expensive) to fill their positions.

Do Your Research On Companies That Sponsor Nurses

Employers who have previously hired foreign nurses are more likely to recruit you than those who have little experience with the process. They may not even be aware of their alternatives due to the complexities of immigration law. Bringing in foreign labor is a priority for some multinational corporations, which have entire departments and in-house lawyers dedicated to the task.

Even a small business that has completed the process before may be interested in bringing in foreign labor to meet their demands. Keep a lookout for employers who are advertising internationally. Read the company's news releases or online self-descriptions about recruiting foreign workers, as well.

After you've done your research, establish a list of all the firms you're interested in and rank them according to how many petitions they accept (or reject) each year, how many petitions they file each year, and so on. You can select the companies to which you will apply based on the results of this evaluation.

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