Top 5 Jobs in Nursing Other Than Hospitals in 2022

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Nursing has long been a popular traditional career choice for people looking to work in the medical industry. It is a great job dedicated to assisting both people and medical professionals. But nowadays, nursing is a career with limitless potential that extends far beyond the walls of the hospital.

There are more and more positions that registered nurses can choose from, even though the bulk of nursing careers need hospital employment and patient care. More than ever, a nursing job is not just confined to the bedside. A nurse can work in practically any environment, including offices, clinics, facilities for the elderly, and even from home.

Forensic Nursing
A forensic nurse assists law enforcement in the investigation of crimes. People with expertise in death investigations may work as coroners or with medical examiners. They might also provide assistance to survivors of natural disasters and crime victims.

Additionally, forensic nurses offer advice and witness testimony that can be used in court. Additionally, they contribute crucial expertise to anti-violence programs. They might work at psychiatric hospitals, coroner's and medical examiner's offices, penal facilities, and community anti-violence programs.

Nursing in Occupational Health
An occupational health nurse's job is to assist businesses in increasing workplace security. These nurses concentrate on developing and upholding safety policies and procedures that businesses can use. They must determine any potential threats to employees and develop solutions to increase safety. To make sure that health and safety standards are met, they collaborate closely with management and employers. By giving employees access to preventative health and safety measures, occupational health nurses serve as champions for their rights.

Nursing Instructor
Would you prefer to work in a hospital or a classroom? Those who train nursing students at colleges and universities are known as nurse educators. To educate, these nurses must possess a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). Nurse educators mentor aspiring nurses in addition to teaching lectures, skills labs, and simulations. They operate during the day on weekdays, with pauses for the summer and holidays. A career as a nurse educator is ideal for those who prefer working with students to working in a clinic or hospital.

School Nursing
First aid, medicine administration, immunization status checks, and teaching children about healthy lifestyle choices are all things that school nurses do. Nurses can also assess cognitive development and perform vision and hearing examinations. In order for children to succeed academically, the well-being of the kids must be ensured by school nurses. 

Wellness Coach
Right now, both for nurses and individuals, nursing health coaches or RN coaching professions are quite popular. Self-care is increasing, and to support this trend, coaching and public education are needed. These nurses are qualified to work in a wide range of settings, including luxury spas and insurance firms.

No matter where they work, a nurse health coach's main objective is to inform individuals about the necessary steps for a better lifestyle and optimum well-being. Working with either individuals or groups allows you to provide more specialized or general teaching as a nursing coach.

Not all nurses in this day and age work in hospitals. There are numerous job opportunities available for nurses who want to change careers or who want to become nurses but do not want to work in hospitals. As the demand for nursing expertise in other industries rises, these opportunities will surely expand.

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