How Nurse Workload Can Be Reduced by Patient Engagement Tools

Patient on consultation with Nurse

Burnout and workload in nursing are complex problems with broad ramifications. Nurses have a limited amount of time in the day to finish all necessary tasks. Using automated patient engagement tools is a very economical and effective solution to reduce the workload of nurses and enhance the quality and safety of the care they deliver. By utilizing a patient engagement platform, hospitals could reduce the workload of their nurses and improve patient care.

Patient engagement tools

All types of care teams can benefit from using patient engagement tools. It can help deliver high-quality care. It lowers workload, and readmission rates, improve outcomes, and even increases patient satisfaction. But are you aware of which patient engagement strategies best support the distinct priorities and expertise of your team?

Online visits

Real-time telehealth, which uses video conferencing to provide virtual visits with medical professionals. It enables patients to see and speak with a variety of specialists face-to-face as if they were in the same room.

The most important patient engagement tool in the COVID-19 era is telehealth. Through their patient portal, coronavirus patients can now schedule virtual video visits with medical professionals at any time. They can check in and stay informed about their condition and treatment. Millions of patients have reported increased access and satisfaction thanks to virtual visits. Many say they won't return now that they've gotten to know their doctors better.

App for mobile health

Since so many of your patients own smartphones and depend on apps for a variety of tasks, it makes sense that they would gain advantages from using a mobile health app. Whether you are in charge of a hospital system or a private practice, a mobile health app speeds up information access and inevitably increases engagement.

Online planning

Patients frequently lack the time to call your office during business hours because they are working or have other obligations. Online appointment booking allows you to reserve open slots at any time, making it simple to access your healthcare services and keep your calendar full. When other patients cancel at the last minute, it enables new patients to see you sooner. 

This is significant because new patients who have to wait longer than a month for their appointments are twice as likely to cancel them. 

Remote patient observation tool

A more sophisticated option for engagement is using devices to monitor patients' conditions. Patients are more closely connected to healthcare professionals thanks to devices like pulse oximeters, and wireless scales. These tools can send updates for tracking body weight, blood glucose monitors, and heart rate monitors.

Patient registries

A secure online platform known as a patient portal enables 24/7 easy access to electronic health records for patients from any location with an internet connection. Patients can view health information such as recent doctor visits, discharge summaries, medication protocols, immunization information, allergy information, and lab results by entering a secure username and password. 

Additionally, a patient portal enables them to securely message their doctor, ask for prescription refills, book non-urgent appointments, check insurance benefits and coverage, update their contact information, pay bills, download and finish forms, read educational materials, and request insurance benefits and coverage. When patients are in charge of their own care, communication between them increases, and they are more satisfied because they feel supported in between appointments.

Tools for patient engagement would not result in nurses spending less time with patients. In fact, they would give nurses more time to provide their patients with higher-quality care. A lighter workload would also enable nurses to feel more mentally and physically fulfilled in their work, which would ultimately improve patient care and satisfaction.

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