Cracking the PNLE Code: Secrets and Strategies of a Top 1 Revealed


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1Nurse webinars have been playing a crucial role in offering aspiring nurses valuable insights and advice from professionals, serving as a source of inspiration, motivation, and professional guidance from experts. Additionally, these webinars pioneer online recruitment services in the Philippines, providing a unique platform for top companies and hospitals to instantly identify and recruit exceptional talents. 

The evening of 26th of January, 2024 was an eventful evening for seven hundred of our participants aspiring to surpass the milestone of cracking the upcoming PNLEs. The Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam (PNLE) serves as a crucial nationwide evaluation overseen by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). It transcends mere formality, constituting an essential requirement for those who have completed a nursing degree in the Philippines and aim to practice the profession in a legal and regulated capacity within the country. 

Yes, Cris Vinz C. Tomboc led the session. His energy, enthusiasm, and deep insights presented during the entire session were exceptionally impressive and inspirational. 

If you're not familiar with him yet, Cris Vinz C. Tomboc emerged as the highest scorer in the November 2023 Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination from West Visayas State University. Remarkably, he accomplished this feat on his initial attempt.

In a compelling Facebook post, Tomboc shared his inspiring journey to success, overcoming challenges with Lady Gaga's empowering quote as his daily motivation. He recently achieved the top spot in the Nursing Licensure Examination, attributing the success to his unwavering dedication, tireless work ethic, and strong commitment. Tomboc's rigorous study routine, including memorizing 8,000 nursing flashcards and answering thousands of questions, shaped the pathway to his triumph. He acknowledges the vital support from family, friends, and mentors, considering the achievement a collective victory that goes beyond personal boundaries and marks the beginning of his nursing career.

For those who missed our last webinar on Friday, 26th of January, he revealed his secrets and strategies in topping the exam. The session was broadcast via Zoom link and Facebook Live. From goal setting, and planning skills to structure his PNLE journey. He shared techniques of effective study strategies for mastering core nursing concepts, memorizing key information, recommended study habits for managing stress, and a lot more. The entire session lasted for close to 3 hours! Yes, it all left our participants motivated and empowered with the self-belief of achieving their nursing dreams!

You can view the entire session in the Facebook link below.

Great News for all of you who are targeting PNLE, in May 2024!

Cris will be conducting a series of 5 extensive webinar coaching sessions covering 5 nursing concepts that are a part of the PNLE exam. These sessions will be conducted between February and April so that our participants get ample time to instill the best practices and absorb critical information related to the core of the exam. Interact with him, clarify your doubts, ask your own questions, get answers during the Q&A sessions at the end of each coaching session.

To facilitate all the aspirants of the upcoming PNLE, these sessions will be conducted during the evenings either on weekends or Fridays. Stay tuned for further notifications on the schedule and dates via the 1NURSE mobile app and also don't forget to check your emails. 

This initiative is under the #MakeItRN project encouraging aspiring RNs to take action of their RN dream, Right Now!

If you are interested to attend his classes, you may create your account or log-in in your existing account and subscribe to either 6 months or 12 months packages and get Php 500 discount. Click this link or enter "VINZ500" in the promo code in the payment page. https://www.1nurse.com/<wbr></wbr>nle-review/package?refcode=<wbr></wbr>VINZ500

What will you get if you subscribe now?

  • 2,500+ PNLE Practice questions
  • 1,500+ Nursing Flashcards
  • 5 Special Classes of Cris Vinz Tomboc
  • Final Coaching with 1NURSe Lecturers (April 21 - 27)

See you soon!


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