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1NURSE is a community of healthcare professionals, the job portal platform in 1NURSE works with your recruiting team to get the best healthcare professional. It’s simple, fast, and very efficient.

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Our ambition is to get 1,000,000 healthcare professionals in our platform

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Our software advertises and sources relevant and experienced candidates so your recruiters have more time to interview, collaborate with hiring managers, and close candidates.

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Easy job posting with dedicated healthcare database

Job advertisements are focused to only healthcare education, classifications, certifications, and licenses.

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Review and decide in less than a minute

Our candidate profile is displayed with relevant information for recruiters to make a decision quickly and efficiently.

Applicant list in 1NURSE employer portal
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Smart and intelligent tool to make hiring faster

Our ATS allows you to select or reject a candidate with a press of a button without having to write a lengthy email.

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We post on 1NURSE social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, or any platforms you prefer.

Reduce recruiting works

We have various support systems for you in order to make your recruiting easier. We make you focus more time on having quality conversations to select the best-fit candidates!

Recruitment support

We know recruiting is a challenging job and getting the right fit is not easy. 1NURSE customer support team is experienced in researching and selecting the best candidates. We do support our customers with this service.

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Designed for healthcare

1NURSE is a smart and intelligent application. Detailed research and precise information have been added to meet the need, and the demand for healthcare professionals. Speak to our customer support and see how it works.

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