The Role of Effective Nursing Leadership In Nursing Care and Patient Outcomes

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Nurses have historically been underrepresented in leadership positions because the doctors, specialists, and even administrators responsible for making decisions about patient care viewed them not as partners, but as "functional doers." Effective nurse leadership is associated with shorter hospital stays and decreased incidence of medication mistakes, patient falls, urinary tract infections, and respiratory disorders.

The role of a nurse leader

Understanding how to integrate steps for strategic, long-term success into daily practice is essential as nurse leaders become more aware of the link between a better team and greater results in patient quality and safety. A nurse leader deals with bedside care, patient safety, financial limitations, and staffing shortages on any given day. Even the most seasoned nurse leader faces significant difficulty in managing the various daily obstacles while performing well under pressure.

Adopting Change
Hospitals and health systems that are aware of the value of nurse leadership in bringing about change will be better positioned to influence patient safety and quality efforts. Nursing professionals continually face new difficulties, procedures, and opportunities as a result of the healthcare industry's rapid change. 

A nurse's decision to stay or leave an organization might frequently depend on whether there is a competent nurse leader in place to guide them through these changes. Although nurses, both new and seasoned, are generally aware of the nature of change in the healthcare industry, if leadership can implement change in a way that enables the unit or team to see the overall benefit of the change, in the least disruptive way possible, they will be better prepared for success in their roles.

Promote adequate staffing levels
Short staffing at hospitals and other medical facilities can be risky for patients. According to studies, adding just one more patient to the workload of hospital nurses resulted in a substantial rise in post-surgical infections.

To shorten shifts and lower nurse-patient ratios, nurse executives may be able to hire additional nurses. If they don't, they might still be able to make a strong, data-driven case for change. Results are achieved by nurses who take on this constant challenge. 

Nursing professionals are still underrepresented in leadership positions despite the effect that nursing care has on patient outcomes. They are typically seen as functional doers rather than collaborators in the patient's care process. This is gradually changing as more and more data show that good nursing leadership practices in a clinical context can have a significant impact on patient outcomes, care quality, and safety. 

Nurse leaders address problems that cause burnout
Nursing burnout involves more than just being physically worn out. Burnout symptoms, which can be problematic in healthcare settings, include emotional tiredness, depersonalization, decreased sense of personal accomplishment, a loss of desire, and emotions of dissatisfaction. Burnout among nurses is associated with lower-quality care and lower patient safety.

Nurse leaders encourage nurse involvement
More research is showing a connection between nurse involvement and patient outcomes. All nurse leaders want to have a highly motivated staff that comes up with creative ways to foster a positive work environment. A happy staff can result from such an environment, and a happy workforce can produce excellent patient care and customer satisfaction.

It is safe to say that excellent nursing leadership can raise patient satisfaction and enhance the overall quality of care. Due to their ongoing involvement in functional decisions that directly affect a patient's health, nurses can serve as both managers and leaders. They are typically successful in these capacities. The leadership style of nurse supervisors is thus closely tied to patient outcomes.

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